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Booster Pump Kit Options

Booster Pump Kit Options

SpectraPure® Booster Pump Kits are ideal for use on water sources with pressures below 40 psi (2.8 bar) such as private wells, gravity feed water systems and high rise apartments. Booster Pump Kits are available for manual use, automatic filling of reservoirs or sumps, and for use on RO Systems using pressurized holding tanks. Our pump kits include transformers for use on 115 volts AC/60 Hz, or available but not shown 230 volts AC/50 Hz. The transformer for the 230 volts AC/50 Hz supply has a two pin European plug. Use low flow booster pump kits for systems up to 40 gpd, and high flow booster pump kits for systems up to 100 gpd. A pressure gauge is necessary to monitor the booster pump pressure. If your systems does not have a pressure gauge, please see the SpectraPure® Pressure Gauge Kit.

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Note: Auto and Manual Flush Systems only work with kits in their category!

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