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LiterMeter® III Precision Dosing System - 115V - LM3-115

Brand: SpectraPure
Product Code: LM3-115
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LiterMeter®III Programmable 3 Channel Precision Dosing System w/ Integral Gen6 Peristaltic Metering Pump & provisions for 2 additional pumps
LM3-115 includes plug-in 115VAC to 12VDC (UL listed and CSA approved) switching power supply.

The LiterMeter® III offers features found only on expensive laboratory pumps. Built-in calibration features eliminate the guesswork of un calibrated competitive units. Unlike noisy industrial metering pumps sold to the aquarium trades, SpectraPure's LiterMeter® III was specially designed for critical aquarium dosing and is so quiet you can use it in your living room. Improved three-roller direct-motor drive eliminates noisy gears and improves flow accuracy and tubing life. It can be run dry without damage. Three independent programs control the internal pump, as well as two optional external pumps. The LM3-RPM is a LiterMeter III pump mounted in a small plastic box. The LM3-TCM is an optional level sensor that interrupts power to the LiterMeter III when a high water level is detected. The LM3-WXM combines an LM3-RPM and an LM3-TCM in one package, interrupting power only to that pump. See the Operations Manual for application examples.

Calcium maintenance and alkalinity control are essential for a healthy reef tank. SpectraPure's LiterMeter® III eliminates the manual drudgery of dosing Kalkwasser, trace elements, or topping off evaporated water. Kalkwasser replenishment, to be most effective, should be added to your aquarium slowly and consistently to avoid precipitation of calcium carbonate. The LiterMeter® III automatically and reliably performs this task for you.

- Absolutely the Quietest pump on the market; excellent for reef tanks
- Now includes a 5-Year Limited Warranty!
- One internal pump provided with unit, remote pumps optional
- Latest-Generation (Gen-6) Version
- Fully automatic pump operation - Set it and forget it
- Precision Dosing calibration feature eliminates guess work
- Dependable and virtually maintenance free
- Draws up from 25ft, Pumps up to 60ft!
- Self-priming and Anti-siphoning
- Compact size and cool operation
- Precision dosing system can be powered directly from a 12VDC battery
- Highest quality precision dosing system - incomparable accuracy

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