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SpectraPure® Commercial Systems are specifically designed to produce high quality pure water for use in commercial and industrial applications. These systems utilize ultra-high rejection TFC Membranes capable of removing more than 98% of organics, more than 98% of dissolved inorganics, 98% of all particles, micro-organisms, pyrogens and colloids, and have greater than 98% conductivity rejection. High-Production and Ultra-High Efficiency (low waste-to-product ratio) RO and RODI systems are specifically tailored for a host of different commercial and industrial applications.

Recommended Water Purification Applications include Restaurants, Bakeries, Food Processing Facilities, Hospitals, Environmental Chambers, Aquariums and Reef Tanks, Hatcheries, Hydroponics and Industrial Gardening, Spot Free Car Washes, Bottled Water Industry, Brewing Industry, Ice Machines, Misting Systems, Steam Processors, Fuel Cell Applications, Autoclaves, Hydrogen Generators, and any other industries requiring purified water in one or more of their processes.

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