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Customer Feedback


August 4th 2015

I have to tell you how impressed I am!


I purchased the CSPDI-90-MF with 3-channel TDS and it's just awesome.  I had tried to save a few bucks by getting an RO Buddie - here's how they stacked up.  My input water is 110TDS with .2ppm chlorine and no chloramines.  Through the RO Buddie I got 7ppm TDS and a whopping .8ppm chlorine (yep - the chlorine INCREASED from .2 to .8).  Through the SpectraPure unit I got 0ppm from the membrane and, of course, 0ppm through the DI.  Chlorine was undetectable, as expected.  Flow rate is great, even at my lackluster 45psi and 60F tap water temp.

The fit and finish of the SpectraPure was outstanding.  Not only did you call me back - twice - but you took the time to explain why these two units were acting so differently.  I didn't even have an issue with the SpectraPure to need assistance with - I called to ask questions about the faulting RO Buddie made by a competitor!  I had SpectraPure a decade ago and had forgotten how much I liked it.  I am very, very happy to be back on a SpecraPure system.  Top notch product, top notch support, and no inflated claims - your product lives up to it's amazing reputation in every way.  There is no doubt in my mind that SpectraPure is the best-of-breed in the industry today.  Thanks for an excellent product and for being such an awesome company!


Skip Khasky



July 30th 2015

Thank you, the service you guys provide from the other side of the world is amazing! Great job guys...
Thanks Mark



July 30th 2015

Four years later and SpectraPure is the only source I still trust for my reef tank water. No one else offers the quality products that you do. Everything else is second rate. I have tried the rest and I know who is best. My RODI water and storage and delivery management systems is top grade and the reef tanks look great because of it. The knowledgeable advice allowed me to set up my most recent system exactly how I dreamed, complete with filtration, storage, and delivery to the system in minimum space with maximum durability and reliability. Nothing I don't need and everything I do.

Thanks again great job! ...JIM



July 27th 2015

I have to admit I’m not usually one to write reviews unless somethin...g is incredibly outstanding. Well, credit where credit is due. I absolutely could not be happier with my choice to go with Spectrapure filtration. I’ve owned my RO/DI unit since 2011 and not to long after that decided to set- up another one at my uncle’s business for his aquarium usage. The product quality and customer service from you guys has been outstanding since day one. The only money I’ve had to put into the unit has been for replacing cartridges a couple times and optional upgrades. (My original membrane still hasn’t worn out yet!) Tonight the icing on the cake was the call back I received from tech. support. Your team cared enough to contact me even after your normal business hours (I think the guy was even at home taking care of his kids that I could hear!) He walked me through step-by-step to make sure I installed my piggy-back unit correctly, answered all my questions and even took the time to explain how I would set-up the next upgrade that I would like to add to my unit (down to every detail specific to my application). Anyway, I could go on but point being, big thanks to Jeremy and everyone I’ve been connected with in the past (including the owner himself once). You have earned a customer for life.




June 8th 2015

Charles, we installed the units you sent and swapped out the RO membrane on the existing unit. TDS post RO dropped from 16 to 7 and the DI filters have us at zero after both chambers. The parts to expand the recirculating loop to 1/2 tubing fit very well.

Thanks for your advice an for working with us on a successful solution.

Hope you had a great forth of July!

Ben Minerich
MN Zoo
13000 Zoo Blvd, Apple Valley, MN 55124



May 20th 2015

Makes my little setup seem small but, I have had one set up for 2yrs that draws the water, up 9' then across about 40' and back down 9'. Never a hiccup and works flawless, love it!
Also couldn't live without my LM3 for water changes that takes the same route. Love not having to lug 5 gallon jugs.

Facebook user - Shane Goodman.



May 18th 2015


This is Joey who you just talked to and you probably stayed late which I greatly appreciate you have no idea. I don't know who you report too but I am astounded by your customer service skills. I have worked in customer service for 15 years and you sir are what everyone in the industry should be.

Thank you!




May 18th 2015

In 7 years of use the membrane rejection rate has not dropped off a bit. Granted I do have a water softener but it is still Phoenix water with a TDS over 550. I would have gone through at least 4 membranes with my old systems not to mention countless DI cartridges. I need to dig my log book out and provide and exact count of replacements but I can easily count them on my hands I think.

I continue to be amazed by my UHE-100. It just keeps chugging away and producing good water with minimal waste!



Sept 10th 2014

Jeremy is awsome he knows his stuff they have awesome technical support and service. I'm so happy I went with a spectrapure !!!!!!!

Thanks again for providing me with great filtered water.

Chris Kohler



June 24th 2014

Dear Mr. Charles,


   I want to congratulate your sir on the outstanding customer service provided to me by your company.  I recently purchased a Spectrapure RO/DI Filter MPDI from an Ebay seller.  It was a brand new unit but had some broken fittings and some wrongly attached water lines.  I confess I was a little intimidated  it all and I called Spectrapure Customer Support and spoke with a young man by the name of Jeremy.  Jeremy quickly assessed the problem and attempted to explain to me what addition equipment I needed and how I was to proceed from there.  I ordered these additional accessories and stayed in contact with Jeremy through emails where I would follow one step of his instruction at a time and confirm these steps by taking pictures and forwarding these pictures to him.  I'm sure it was a long and, at times, frustrating process to him as he knew exactly what to do and could have remedied the problems in a matter of minutes had he had the unit in front of him.  However, he was a consummate professional and stayed very patient with me throughout and indeed we developed I felt a friendly relationship as I struggled to understand his directions and carry them out.  I achieved success after a week's time and now have a fully functioning unit including I am proud to say a working "flush valve" on the membrane.  I now feel much more comfortable in the operation of my filter and I am very proud to finally have a working unit of such high quality that I had a part in assembling.  Kudos to young Jeremy and again congratulations to you on your company's customer care


Yours Truly,


Alex Lundy



June 18th 2014

Hi Jeremy,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with the ATO and Water Maker system you helped me aquire/install. The system install was very straight forward and it works great! I attached a couple of pix (not the greatest).

Thanks again!!



June 10th 2014

I just wanted to say something about this company. If you have ever been thinking about buying one of there products and customer service is important to you than you need to buy from them. I remember seeing my first Liter Meter, and thinking why would I ever need one of them, and then I bought one. I love this thing. It is built top notch, and works flawlessly. I have had one of them doing a constant water change for about 2 years with zero issues. I bought a second one, and have been using that to add supplements to my tank. A bit overkill for that, but I didn't want to have issues. I had one extra remote pump that I was having a hard time getting the head off, so I called them and sent it back. I figured the call I was going to get from them was that it was my fault it wasn't right and I needed to pay for a replacement, but was I wrong. The only call I got from them was that they were sorry about the inconvenience and that it was being replaced and sent back to me for free  . If anyone has bought one, they are not cheap, so just replacing it for free is a big deal, and I truly appreciated it. I cannot say enough nice things about them. When I call they answer the phone or call you right back. They will explain how to use the equipment and help you and suggest ways to make it more efficient. I will never use anything other than a Liter meter for top off or water change. I just wanted to post this in hopes that someone thinking  of buying from them would make the right choice and not waste there money on something else.

Thank you to the staff at SpectraPure

Derek F



June 28, 2012

I received the filter a few days ago. Thank you.

I wanted to say that I had to change my carbon block carts every two to three weeks due to sediment clogging. It was getting to be very expensive. The compnay that I was using before to get my filters really didn't have any reasonable solution to the problem. However, SpectraPure told me to try the ZetaZorb Sediment Filter and possibly a sediment pre-prefilter. It's been at least 5 months, I believe, and there seems to be no clogging of the carbon block. I no longer have to keep changeing it out. Also, it should to nornal the life of my RO membranes.

Anyhow, I have been very happy with the service (especially yours since you helped me the most) and products for sure.




May 25, 2010

I have had the UHE for just over two years now and it is amazing.Yesterday I ordered only my second replacement MaxCap DI cartridge!The unit was installed in March of 2008 and it still contains theoriginal SilicaBuster DI cartridge from day one. Pretty amazingconsidering I have two tanks, a 100G full blown SPS reef with a 30Gsump and a 16G nano reef stocked with softies.Water here in Phoenix is pretty hard and high in TDS, often over 800in my location and never under 500 and I make a lot of water betweenthe 23 gallon autotopoff reservoir and my five 5G water jugs for waterchanges.
I checked the UHE on Saturday while doing some tank maintenance andfound the following:Water temp 78.1Water pressure (tap) 68Water pressure (booster) 90Tap TDS 552 (using my COM-100 handheld)RO only TDS 3.2MaxCap DI TDS 1 (using the inline probe) 2.1 (COM-100 handheld)Final TDS 0 on both the inline and COM-100
I have only replaced the prefilter and carbon block one time in the 26months and there is still no appreciable pressure drop across thefilters and no chlorine breakthru using a low range CL2 test kit. Ihave a set of spares but have been monitoring things to see when theywill be needed. Since you only run 2/5 as much water through the uniteverything lasts so much longer.
Between the water savings running at 1:1 waste ratio, the filterreplacement savings and the huge DI savings the unit is well on itsway to paying for itself! I would buy one again in a heartbeat.



May 21, 2009

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted you all to know that Spectrapure and Bruce with Spectrapure deserve some credit. I had been in search of cheap alternative filters to my MaxCap® rodi system. I posted on reefcentral in search of a better deal and didn't even contact Spectrapure.

Bruce from Spectrapure contacted me personally and made everything right. Not only did I get the right filters for my unit but I got them at a great price.

So before you go off looking for alternatives check with spectrapure and I am sure they will take care of you.

Good for you Spectrapure! Thanks for caring and understanding that times are tough



May 08, 2009

Greetings SpectraPure!!!!!

Your RO/DI systems have helped keep my reef/marine fowlr & freshwater aquariums crystal clear for many years. I bomb my tanks with so much light that any excess nutrients and or contaminants from less than perfect water parameters will fuel a pretty ugly nuisance algae bloom. I like your products!!!

Thanks, Jeremy



Apr 14 , 2009

UHE finally needed a new filter (carbon)

I purchased a UHE nearly the time they became available (10/15/07) and have been making water with it ever since. All in all I make on average about 300 G/month and I have been VERY happy with the unit. Well, I have to report that today I replaced my 1st filter; the carbon filter finally needed replacing...

I took the path of replacing filters when they needs to be replaced (rather than replace after so many months of use. I purchased a chlorine test kit and the beginning of each month I test for chlorine and for the 1st time I detected chlorine. I also replaced the sediment filter as I prefer to do them as a set even though it was not showing any indication of needing to be replaced (using the pressure test).

I wanted to share this for those wondering how long the filters last and also as an indication to the quality these units and filters are built to.




Dec 9 , 2008

Happy Customer:

I just wanted to let you know what a great job your team is doing.

When I first called, Dana handled all my initial questions, was very friendly and eager to help out. As my questions got more technical, she passed me on to Charles Gibbs. Charles has been invaluable in both his knowledge of your products and in his ability to help me with mine, to make recommendations that will make my product better.

I really appreciate great customer service, and they both provided excellent service and made a life time customer in the process.





Oct 29, 2008

Feedback on the UHE system

I have a system that totals about 450 gallons and use a lot of water.

Several months ago my wife was complaining to me about our enormously high water bill and so I decided to get the UHE system to see if that could help.

Since switching over to the UHE system we are saving approximately $50.00 a month on our water bill. So for me this beauty will pay for itself in less then a year.

A big thumbs up from me.

From customer on Reef Central Forum



Oct 29, 2008

I would echo the positive feedback on the UHE system. It's the 3rd RODI system I have bought from Spectrapure and I love it. Way less waste water and it just makes water faster. Gotta love it. I bought it over a year a ago when it first came out and it has been great. Thanks Spectrapure.

From customer on Reef Central Forum



Oct 15, 2008 Feedback on Reef Central Forum

I'd like to thank Scott and the crew at Spectrapure for a great experience. Despite my failure to find/listen to Scott's messages, I managed to get in touch and had my LMIII upgraded and fixed, the latter of which was done free of charge. Can't argue with that. Thanks Scott and Spectrapure. You have yet another loyal customer.



Thank you so very much for your most recent assistance (in particular). I have been a customer for a decade or thereabouts.

First I want to thank you for working with me on a amicable solution to the situation that occurred recently whereby you agreed to replace a membrane that had gone bad because of an injured-but-not-dead permeate pump, and I agreed to replace the permeate pump at regular price.

And I want to thank you in even a more profound way as to how I am ten times more pleased with my system overall now for one simple reason; you instructed me to perform a minor modification to bypass the air gap faucet when putting in the new membrane (which was unfortunately not passed along to me previously, which turned out to be a major cause of the previous new membrane's failure that I had just purchased).

THIS ONE QUICK MINOR MOD. has to me completely boosted my love for the system significantly, simply for the reason that IT DOES bypass the air gap faucet, thereby eliminating the constant loud annoying "PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-T, PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-T, .. . . " that used to drive me crazy and make me wrap hand towels around the air outlet of the faucet and clamp the ends with a clothespin just to muffle the obnoxious sound, which helped at least. But then soon the hand towel would get wet and moldy and smelly and well, it was a long, ongoing problem which I had been told all along there was no way around, but yet this one mod. along with the slightly bigger membrane turned out to be a godsend to me!!!

I am MUCH happier with my system now, to say the VERY least!!!  

Helping me to balance the flow restrictor helped to get the flow going really great too, so thanks for that as well!




Dear SpectraPure,

I wanted to write a brief note that expresses my most sincere gratitude for your assistance and personalization attention. Without your generosity it would not have been possible to begin my project: Chemistry of the Saltwater Reef this school year. On behalf of my school district, principal, chairperson, students and myself we thank you.


Mr. Lee
Science Teacher


This customer was having issues with a system that she was setting up for drinking water. The system was leaking and the plumber was a little confused about the installation...





Dear SpectraPure,

It's nice to deal with concerned professional people once in a while. I could not be more satisfied with your attitude & your product. Speedy results as well.

Thank you very much,




Just wanted to express how happy I am to have received my RO membrane replacement. I calculated I am getting a 99.1% rejection rate and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for taking care of my problems, your service is above excellent!





Let me give an update on this issue so that everyone can be benefited by it.

After my previous post, I left for a business trip for 2 weeks. So for 2 weeks my RODI system is pretty much stagnant.

So when I came back and started the system again, I smell the bad odors again from my RO output. This is within my expectations as I can imagine the water being stagnant for 2 weeks. My RO output reads 20ppms.

So, i took out the membrane and sterilize it again with Hydrogen Peroxide again. This time I notice that the Red slime on the edge of the membrane is barely noticeable. I rinse the Membrane housing with bleach. Put back the system and my RO out reads 2ppm TDS again.

The next day, I received the "special" cartridges from Spectrapure. What i was told is that this is the new 0.2um absolute pre filter that will remove Virus and bacteria and should last 5 times longer than conventional filter.

i swap out the pre filter and carbon block with this new set of cartridges. Amazingly, my RO out reads 0 ppm with this new pre filter!!. My pressure stay at 60psi and i will continue to monitor how long this 0.2um plug up. My concern for this is that since the micron is so low, it might plug up pretty quickly. But we shall see. My area i guess is the best place to test this since my local water contain a lot of sediment.

I still smells the bad odors for about 10-20secs when the output start running. After discussing this with Charles from Spectrapure, here is my next step.

1. Take out the filter cartridges and fill all the housing with Hydrogen peroxide.
2. With only the membrane in the housing, I will start my RODI system with Hydrogen peroxide .
3. When the output water starts trickling out, shut off the system and hopefully the pressurize hydrogen peroxide will get into o the thin layer of the membrane.
4. soak the membrane for 30mins.

My previous method only soak the exterior of the membrane and thus I guess the bacteria still exist inside.

Just to give an update to make sure this is time tested.

Since my last post on 11/13 with the Hydrogen peroxide to get rid of my Bacteria-foul membrane, my RO membrane is doing great with no bad smells. The RO output reads around 001 ppm.

I contribute this to 2 things

1. The 0.2um absolute pre-filter is effective is filtering out the Bacteria and Virus as it claim it does.
2. running the Hydrogen peroxide under pressure in the membrane does indeed cure my issue.

The 0.2um last much longer than I anticipated. It had been 2 months and the pressure gauge still reads like the 1st time.



Scott / Spectra pure-

The lady who does tech support is a queen. Tell her that--I have been tearing my hair out, and she not only helped me get my 'stuff' organized and working, she did it without making me feel like an idiot. I'm sure I was an example of the perfect tech support call too




I appreciate your prompt response to my RO water problems. You folks deliver excellent service.

Thank you for your time and great attitude...




The GRMAS Thanks You!

On behalf of the Grand Rapids Marine Aquarium Society (GRMAS), would like to thank you for helping make our 2nd Annual Frag Swap a huge success. We greatly appreciate having the support of such a great company!

Your donation of the DI Filter Kit was a huge hit in our raffle.




Hands down one of the best purchases I've made
Nice work!




I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the fine service provided to me by Dana. My old unit was at least 18 years old and she helped me (and my plumber) to install the new unit. We love it! Dana is very knowledgeable, capable and helpful employee who let me know that my satisfaction has her goal.

We're very pleased with our new unit. it is always a pleasure to deal with a professional like Dana. Thank you for having her on your staff!

Best regards





On behalf of the Colorado Aquarium Society, I would like to express our appreciation for your donations to our Annual Spring Auction. This is an informal note to let you know that your donation has been received. As soon as we have processed the donations, a formal letter of thanks and receipt will be sent in the mail.

Again, I would like to thank you for your company's generosity, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Wishing your company the best in its business endeavors,



April 17,2007

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into helping me with my problem.  Especially, since it took me a while from the time that I purchased the unit from Marine Depot to the time that I tried to set it up.  Your efforts leave me with a high regard for your product, customer service, honesty, and trust. Thanks again.

Best Regards,



I've struggled for years with lesser quality resins from Kent and the mixed-bed resins sold at Fosters & Smith. These Spectrapure filters really do purify the water. I've run about 500 gallons through them and my TDS reading after the first Di filter is still reading 0. My old Kent filters read TDS=3 after 75 gallons. They would read TDS=7 after a couple months. I've had these Spectrapure filters in for several months now and still have TDS=0. I was skeptical that they were any different; I'm a believer now. I'm ordering another set for a school reef tank that I maintain. I use these MaxCap® filters in my Kent Silica max Hi-S 60 GPD unit. I have a 300 Gallon Reef aquarium and this setup works great.

Jim L




I've struggled for years with lesser quality resins from Kent and the mixed-bed resins sold at Fosters & Smith. These Spectrapure filters really do purify the water. I've run about 500 gallons through them and my TDS reading after the first Di filter is still reading 0. My old Kent filters read TDS=3 after 75 gallons. They would read TDS=7 after a couple months. I've had these Spectrapure filters in for several months now and still have TDS=0. I was skeptical that they were any different; I'm a believer now. I'm ordering another set for a school reef tank that I maintain. I use these MaxCap® filters in my Kent Silica max Hi-S 60 GPD unit. I have a 300 Gallon Reef aquarium and this setup works great.

Jim L



May 07,2008

We haven't communicated in quite some time and I meant to let you know that the mixed bed resin I got from you is so far and away above what I had been getting. MUCH longer life. I will never buy crap resin again.

You know we all get cynical about products, marketing etc. and tend to assume that everyone is selling the same stuff, but clearly the resin SpectraPure sells is measurably superb when compared to the average eBay resin.

J.R. in Washington