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Mega MaxCap RODI System Cartridge Replacement Kit w/ 0.5 Micron Prefiltration and MMC and Enduro DI Cartridges – FK-MMCRODI

Brand: SpectraPure
Product Code: FK-MMCRODI
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Mega MaxCap RODI Cartridge Replacement Kit.
Includes 1 each 0.5 Micron Sediment, 0.5 Micron Carbon Block and Mega MaxCap and Enduro Super DI Cartridges


The Mega-MaxCap DI Cartridge is SpectraPure’s newest addition to the MaxCap DI series of specialty deionization cartridges. 
Like the legacy MaxCap cartridges, the new Mega MaxCap functions as a “roughing” DI stage, by removing the vast majority of residual ammonia, phosphates, and other trace ionized impurities that have passed through a purification system’s RO membrane. This pre-processing improves RO water chemistry to the degree that the downstream mixed bed and/or layered bed DI resins in subsequent “finishing” stages will continue perform optimally for far greater durations, processing 4 times or more DI water by volume than otherwise possible.

The new Mega MaxCap DI’s higher capacity and enhanced phosphate removal provides even greater overall cartridge life, the Mega MaxCap processes even more water and extends the life of down-stream finishing DI cartridges even better than its predecessor. The Mega MaxCap DI should be used ahead of any indicating or non-indicating Mixed Bed, SilicaBuster, EnduroDI, or other conventional Mixed Bed DI “finishing” cartridges, to greatly extend cartridge life, thus requiring far fewer replacements over time. Enjoy consistently ultra-pure DI water, and water production cost savings.

The new Enduro™ DI is the latest addition to SpectraPure’s line of high performance and specialty DI cartridges. With a longer lifespan than the legacy mixed-bed or SilicaBuster™ DI cartridges, the Enduro™ DI spends more time producing water at ultra pure levels (18.2 megohms) before dropping off when resins become depleted.

Typical mixed-bed DI cartridges can produce ultra-pure water initially, but after a short period of usage the resin’s maximum removal levels start to diminish, until with continued usage, purity will finally trend below acceptable levels and the cartridge is considered “exhausted”. The Enduro™ DI performance curve is flatter at the top, not dropping downward until much later in the cartridge’s life, spending the majority of it’s lifespan at maximum removal levels and with very little time at reduced levels prior to cartridge depletion.

When used in a multi-stage DI system and configured as a polishing DI stage placed downstream from a MaxCap® or Mega MaxCap® DI roughing stage, the life of the Enduro™ DI increases dramatically. This translates into cost savings with fewer replacement cartridges to buy and more ultra high-purity water production between changes.

Warning: SpectraPure does not recommend drinking water produced from deionization (DI) as DI resins are typically not made of food grade approved material.

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